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Teenage Taboo caters to those who appreciate the youthful beauty of teenage girls. You will find adorable russian teenagers, asian teenagers, teen strippers, and more.

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" A Chance Encounter "
(older male / teen female)

Ted loved his afternoon jog. Not only did it keep him in shape, but the path he usually took was always filled with gorgeous young women and girls, most of whom used jogging as an excuse to show off their firm, sexy bods. They were invariably clad in tight, skimpy running shorts and even tighter tee-shirts, leaving little to the imagination. The sight of so many pretty young things bouncing along the path usually made Ted hotter than the exercise itself, and by the time he got home to his wife, he was in the mood for a good long fuck to let off steam.

Today was no different, and as Ted rounded a corner along his usual route, he saw a stunning redhead running in the same direction as he was, about fifty yards up ahead. "Mmmmm, that's real fuckin' nice!" he breathed, watching the cute, round cheeks of the girl's ass bounce enticingly up and down with every step she took. "Jesus, what I wouldn't give for some of that right now," he mumbled to himself. Ted increased his speed, trying to close the gap, but after a while, he realized that he wasn't going to catch up to the athletic young girl without wasting a lot of precious energy. In desperation he looked around for a short cut of some sort, and immediately spotted a side trail leading off to his left that looked promising. Ted decided to try it. He veered off the main path and headed down the partly overgrown track.

'Not what you'd call a well worn path,' he thought to himself, dodging the frequent low branches and jumping over the tree roots and fallen logs that threatened to trip him at every step. He began to regret his hasty decision as the track got worse and worse, finally becoming so overgrown that Ted had to stop and get his bearings.

"Fuck!" he cursed, as he realized that the path had disappeared completely. "No way am I gonna get through there."

With a shrug, Ted turned and headed back the way he had come. He only got a few paces before a faint noise caught his ear. He stopped and listened. There it was again! It was faint but audible and seemed to be coming from behind the bushes off to his right. Ted bent down and squinted into the undergrowth. He could see nothing, but the noise became louder.

Curious now, Ted carefully pushed aside the branches and moved towards the direction the sounds appeared to be coming from. As he crept silently into the bushed, the noise became louder and clearer until suddenly the dense undergrowth thinned, and there, in a small clearing was the source of the mysterious sounds. It was a boy and a girl, both half-naked on the grass near the edge of the clearing.

The girl was wearing what was left of her school uniform. She was lying on the grass on her back, with her knees bent and her legs spread wide, her white panties bunched lewdly around one slim ankle. The teenaged boy was between the young girl's open thighs, his pants pulled down to his knees, and he was fucking her plump, sparsely-haired cunt with all his might. The sounds he had heard were the girl's moans of pleasure as the thin, boyish cock drove deep into her tight, wet little hole...continue this story and other teen stories inside the private pages.



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